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Catskills, NY, United States, 1997-1999

PROGRAM: weekend retreat
CLIENT: withheld
SIZE: 3,500 sf
STATUS: completed

On a hilltop site in a remote section of the Catskill Mountains, the "Y" House ascends the hill, splitting to form two arms, ending in balconies. The "Y" cuts a slice of sky and draws the sun into the heart of the house. Like a found forked stick, the Y makes a primitive mark on a vast site. The geometry contains a sectional flip of public/private and day/night with bedrooms below and living above. Maximum wall hanging space to accommodate a contemporary art collection is balanced with windows framing unique views. Deep balconies facing nearly due south act as passive solar devices allowing the winter sun to penetrate the interiors while excluding the hot summer sun. Steel framing and roof are iron-oxide red, siding is stained cedar while interiors are white with ash floors.
'Five miles up a steep, sporadically paved road, the ingeniously contorted house looks out on an unbroken sweep of terrain.'
-Philip Nobel, House and Garden, December, 2000
'An architecture that is simultaneously detached from and rooted in the landscape'.
-Interni, May, 2000
'While its red-painted wood cladding is clearly a nod to the dairy barns that dot neighboring farms, the attenuated forms - elongated by the thin steel members of cantilevered outdoor balconies - and the irregularly patterned windows make it a hybrid of the known and the invented'.
-Architecture, February, 2000

– Steven Holl Architects
Steven Holl (design architect)
Erik Fenstad Langdalen (project architect)
Annette Goderbauer, Yoh Hanaoka, Bradford Kelley, Justin Korhammer, Jennifer Lee, Chris McVoy (project team)

local architect
– Peter Liaunig
Peter Liaunig

structural engineer
– Robert Silman Associates

lighting consultant
– L'Observatoire International

general contractor
– Dick Dougherty
Dick Dougherty

– Face Design
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