Dublin, Ireland 2020



PROGRAM: gateway campus building with studios, lecture halls, exhibition space, foyer, cafe, and observation center
CLIENT: University College Dublin STATUS: in design

Our design for the Entrance Precinct Masterplan and Creative Centre for Design focus on Place and Space, the notion that Architecture arises not out of a vocabulary imported from elsewhere, but from this special Place and culture, projected toward the future with original, inspiring Spaces for the highest level of education for generations to come. 

The Center for Creative Design and adjacent entry plaza with reflecting pool mark the New Campus Arrival experience.The Centre for Creative Design is designed around five concepts:

Place inspired be geometries of the Giant's Causeway and the work of James Joyce

Space for experience instead of an object

Gateway presence on the horizon, R138 and up close

Natural Light and generous proportion to all interior spaces

Circuit of Social Connection linking everyone in free and open way for creative collaboration at the heart and sould of the building

We studied the histories and are particularly inspired by the geometries of Giant's Causeway and the work of James Joyce, where 60 million year-old natural geometry is a “stream of consciousness” projected in a kind of Teleological suspension to make the composition of the CCD building as an open, inviting experience for creative activity.

The CCD has 5 main ideas: Place, its geometry and conceptual strategy; Space for experience instead of an object; Gateway presence on the horizon, from R 138 and up close; Natural Light and generous proportion to all interior spaces; and a Circuit of Social Connection linking all the different people working in the building in a free and open way to give a kind of creative collaboration as the heart and soul of the building. The Masterplan and CCD design projects UCD into the future as an open, dynamic Forum for innovative education.



  • architect
    • – Steven Holl Architects
    • Steven Holl ( design architect, principal )
    • Chris McVoy ( partner in charge )
    • Filipe Taboada ( project architect, associate )
    • Ruoyu Wei ( project architect )
    • Alessandra Catherine Calaguire, Michael Haddy, Seo Hee Lee, Jacobo Mingorance Arranz (project team)
  • associate architect
    • – Kavanagh Tuite Architects
    • Brian Kavanagh ( principal in charge )
    • Fergal Ryan (project team)
  • structural engineer
    • – Arup
  • landscape architect / urban designer
    • – HarrisonStevens
  • climate engineer
    • – Transsolar
  • analyst
    • – Brightspot Strategy