Paris, France 2018



PROGRAM: invited competition for the renovation and expansion of the Gare de Nord train station with a new passenger terminal, retail, restaurants, office space, hotel, and green roof
    SIZE: 215,800 sq ft
STATUS: competition

As part of Paris' planned transformation for the 2024 Olympics, our concept for the Gare du Nord renovation and expansion is a "crystal cloud" floating over the original train station. This new departure hall is an embracing cloud-like space formed of intersecting spheres bringing natural light into the station and adding new areas for commercial, service, catering and business centers for co-working. It frees up space below for all arrival traffic to low directly out on the main level from the platforms of the original station. The cloud-like intersecting spheres, made of P.C. Ductile concrete with slices of matte sandblasted glass, produce an inspiring and iconic space in complimentary contrast to the original 1846 space by architect Jacques Ignace Hittorf.

For the 2024 Olympics a temporary tower of light is formed of the five intersecting Olympic rings as intersecting spheres: an Okulux façade like stained glass is in the colors of humanity: A glowing invitation at night.

Our conceptual strategy of the crystal cloud (90% constructed in prefabricated pieces offsite), allows no closures of the existing Gare du Nord, the busiest railway station in Europe. 



  • architect
    • – Steven Holl Architects
    • Steven Holl ( design architect, principal )
    • Chris McVoy ( partner in charge )
    • Filipe Taboada ( project architect, associate )
    • Michael Haddy ( project )
    • Seo Hee Lee, Jacobo Mingorance Arranz (project team)
  • Developer
    • – Compagnie de Phalsbourg
  • associate architects
    • – Franklin Azzi Architecture
  • landscape architect
    • – BASE
  • urban planners
    • – Atleier Georges
  • engineer (structure, MEP and economic)
    • – Ingérop
  • acoustic consultants
    • – LAMOUREUX acoustics
  • sustainability consultant
    • – Elan
  • code consultant
    • – Bureau Veritas
  • accessibility consultant
    • – Interface Handicap
  • artist
    • – Claude Lévêque
  • artists
    • – 1024 architecture