SIZE: 28 w x 18 d x 41.25 h inches
MANUFACTURER: Schmidinger Möbelbau

The 'A' Chair was designed for the exhibition of the Pamphlet Architecture Reading Room, "Exhibit A," which opened in New York, September 1980. "Exhibit A" included chairs and pamphlets by Steven Holl, Zaha Hadid, Mark Mack, Jim Jennings, Lars Lerup, Mike Metz, Livio Dimitriu, Anthony Pellecchia, Lebbeus Woods, Lawrence Rouch, William Stout, and James Holl.

Designed as a corner chair, the 'A' Chair transforms to a tower in a group of four back-to-back, or to a public square in a group of four facing each other.

Since 1990 several chairs have been made by Schmidinger Möbelbau and are still available to order.