Steven Holl Architects is an internationally recognized, innovative architecture and urban design office with locations in New York City and Beijing. Steven Holl founded the firm in 1977 and now has a staff of 44. 


(1) Idea-Driven
Steven Holl Architects is an idea-driven atelier. We aim for an architecture which aspires to thought, connecting with all the arts and the human condition today.

(2) Social Condensers
We aim to realize buildings as social condensers, inspiring the interaction of people and their communities, rather than simply fulfilling a program.

(3) Natural Light and Proportions
Capturing natural light in inspired spatial sequences remains a core aim of our work as well as proportions realized with our “fine tuners” at 1:1.618.

(4) Materials and Details
With each project we are inspired to create inventive details and experiment with new materials. Natural weathering extends principles of wabi-sabi, or beauty which is ever changing, yielding buildings which look better in time (such as our 25-year-old Void Space/ Hinged Space Housing in Fukuoka, Japan). 

(5) Collectiveness
Our collaborative design process engages all in collective creation and building, with inspired working teams for each of our projects. 

(6) Ecological Innovation
Ecological innovation is a core aim in all our work. (The 660-well heating and cooling system, the largest residential geothermal system in the world, at our Linked Hybrid, Beijing, is still excellent after 10 years.)

(7) Anchoring
The making of a place continues a manifesto launched in our 1989 Museum of Modern Art Exhibition. “Architecture does not so much intrude on the landscape as it serves to explain it. Architecture and site should have an experiential connection, a metaphysical link, a poetic link.” – Steven Holl, Anchoring, 1988